Aliases: Dibellatalien


Amourâmetalien (also called Dibellatalien after their canon name) is a deifitalien gender related to the Elder Scrolls deity Dibella, sometimes called Dea Amourâme, goddess of the Soul of Love and Love of the Soul, with a broad sphere stretching from artistic endeavours to sexuality and eroticism. It may or may not be related to spiritual practices surrounding Dibella, or being a godshard/godlet/intratheic of them; while it can absolutely be used in such manners, it can just as easily stand alone as a gendered connection to them independent entirely of personal spirituality and religion. It may be connected to concepts such as art, love, romance, sexuality, eroticism, creativity, or identity. It can be affixed with any gender-in-nature term, such as FIN (feminine), MIN (masculine), or LAIN (lasanine/femme) to indicate the gendered connection is in a specific way, and it does not imply femininity or thelininity (womanhood) by default.


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Genders, Deifitalien/DETLIN, Deity-Related Genders, Elder Scrolls Related, Talien System, Xenogenders

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Created: Wed December 28 2022