Aliases: Deitylet, Divinitylet, Divinlet

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An alternative term for godshard, because the former term can imply godlets aren’t full people and separate people; Essentially a smaller, introjected form of a deity, a single perspective on a broader oversoul or mythic entity that extends beyond the person/godlet in question, whether or not it is a literal entity that extends beyond or just a collective perception of all portrayals and introtives of said deity. Godlets are system members and fully part of their system unless they explicitly identify as otherwise, and may or may not have spiritual roles or duties inworld or in outerworld spiritual practice as spiritualists.


Coined by Išena Šimigiwe [Mercurial Gates] NGC Collective

Spiritual/Religious, Plurality, Member Type

ID: 556, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Mon April 12 2021