Aliases: Akatoshtaiel


Akatoshtalien is a deifitalien gender related to the Elder Scrolls deity Akatosh, Dragon-King of the Nine Divines and god of time. It may or may not be related to spiritual practices surrounding Akatosh, or being a godshard/godlet/intratheic of him; while it can absolutely be used in such manners, it can just as easily stand alone as a gendered connection to him independent entirely of personal spirituality and religion. It may be connected to a sense of sacredness, the structure of linear time, inner divinity, royalty, or divine royalty, dragons of any gender, or a noble and just rule over one’s identity and inner experience. It can be affixed with any gender-in-nature term, such as FIN (feminine), MIN (masculine), or LAIN (lasanine/femme) to indicate the gendered connection is in a specific way, and it does not imply masculinity or vyraninity (manhood) by default.


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