Reality Gateway

Aliases: Alternate Reality Gateway

Content Warning

Spirituality and mentions of unreality topics


A gateway in a system that is to an alternate reality, either an alternate version of the physical world/meatspace, an alternate version of a specific headspace or layer, or of the system as a whole or a composite sub/side/hemisystem within it. These gateways don’t have to have a physical location in headspace, and can be accessed often through reality-shifting methods, or transfer of one’s consciousness/awareness from this reality to the gateway reality. Members of such gateways or alternate realities do not have to identify as members of the system they inhabit while in this reality, and this can be seen as a kind of ultersystem travel.


Coined by Šauška Middanġeard.še together with Akatosh Šukkušše-Šauška-ne-fe; both through the Moonlight Symphony Polyplex’s body.

System Travel, Metaphysical, Spiritual/Religious, Gateway, Plurality

ID: 983, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Sat July 17 2021