Ultersystem Travel

Aliases: Interdimensional System Travel,


A form of system travel or astral travel that involves travelling between realities outside of the headspaces, innerworlds, layers, or exolayers of one’s system. This travel may be to other systems that exist in other realities, or simply far from/outside the sphere of influence of the physical world/Meatspace. (CW Spirituality and Mentions of Unreality Topics) ||Could be deemed a type of reality shifting, but is a label coined by and for systems, and should not be used by singlets.|| Coined from Ulter- meaning “beyond” in Latin.


Coined by Šauška Middanġeard.še together with Akatosh Šukkušše-Šauška-ne-fe; both through the Moonlight Symphony Polyplex’s body.

System Travel, Metaphysical, Spiritual/Religious, Gateway, Plurality

ID: 982, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Sat July 17 2021