Aliases: Kinmate


A multiple, but not necessarily non-median, system member who simultaneously identifies as a kintype and (generally) an introject (or alternatively, a distinct and full-fledged system member in general). This may be partial or whole identities as either or both classes, and can be intertwined with mediple experiences. Kintives don’t have to start out as kintypes and become introjects or introject like, they can use this term for any reason, for it is a self-defined label of experiences as both a kintype (of another systemmate, or multiple systemmates) and a separate person. Kintives in the same system or subsystem can mutually kin each other, or they may be one-sided in nature. Kintive experiences, while they may involve kinning other people, are not and should not be considered factkin experiences, because the experience is always within one body or system.


Coined by Fef Tirel of NGC and Rhodesinda of NGC

Plurality, Introjects/Introtives, Member Type

ID: 908, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Sun June 13 2021