Aliases: Constellation Self


Can mean one of two things in plural contexts:
1)A more spiritual meaning, referring to all of one’s higher selves, root selves (inverse/opposite of higher selves), supershards, medishards, and subshards, presumably sharing a body, if not a soul as well
2) Any group of selves/souls/beings/system members that are intrinsically deeply connected and may share the same source character, generally within a single body or system unless used with the spiritual meaning in mind.
These meanings can freely overlap and may often intermix, especially for spiritual systems. A “constellation self” refers to a member of one of these “constellations”, often by another member of that constellation.


Coined by Elspeth Elaraine Northlights Valdrim Gamma

Midcontinuum/Median Spectrum, Spiritual/Religious, Plurality

ID: 713, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Wed April 28 2021