An identity where two members of the same system/residents of the same body, fully consensually identify as each other, which may be due to sharing part or all of a soul, being median, being doubles of the same source identity, or any other reason. Can also be “one sided” with only one person identifying as the other, but is always fully consensual and agreed upon, and within the same system or body. By default, this is COMPLETELY unrelated to any kin identities, but if a given group of people in a system choose to call it/these experiences kin, that is fine as well. From “equi-” meaning “equal” and “Seele”, the German word for soul.


Coined by Artydastra-gamma and Lunafreya of the NGC Collective.


ID: 674, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Wed April 21 2021