An elaborated term for exo- (as in the sense of exomemories and exotrauma, not exo-relationships), meaning “outside the body (of a system or singlet)”. Can be used not only to refer to exocorporeal memories and exocorporeal trauma (as a determiner, rather than modifying the root), but also can refer to things that happen inworld/in headspace/layers if the headspace or layer in question is perceived as outside the physical body or not inside the brain. Thus terms like exocorporeal life (for inworld life) can be used, along with exomemories or exocorporeal memories being able to refer to things that happened inworld away from front, and it overlaps with intra- in this case.


Coined by Winter of NGC, and faer system in general.


ID: 669, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Wed April 21 2021