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Religion, demons, sex mention


A xenogender that feels demonic/infernal, as well as connected to demons/infernals, and connected more specifically to concubi/incubi/succubi/sexual demons/infernals. This gender is also associated with fire and ash, especially smouldering ashes, and may feel like the original gender got “burned away” and all that’s left is this husk of a smaller, weaker, or just different gender. Can be suffixed like charcubusmasc, charcubusfem, charcubusneut, charcubusxenine, etc., and can also be intrinsically linked with the person’s orientation/sexuality, not necessarily though.


Coined by Khannunan burê Azazelây, of the NGC collective

Gender, Xenogenders

ID: 651, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Mon April 19 2021