A headspace, innerworld layer, cosmos, or other structure inworld, or a member or subsystem in a system, formed out of chaos/pre-existing or primordial potential headmate/innerworld energy, brought or manifested into existence or awareness via gentle nudging of unconscious processes. Distinct from parogenic in that it is not a conscious process with directed willful intent, though it can have more minor conscious elements. Can also be used as an origin term for “accidental parogenic/willogenic systems/members”, who arise from deliberate action, but not intent to become plural/create system members. Created based on the concept of chaos in chaos theory, as well as (cw religion) ||the concept of kia in chaos magic, and the ancient Greek primordial Chaos||, though it’s intended to be a fully agnostic and separate term usable by all.


Coined by Edelgard of Vaiyanórë NGC and Winter&& of the Paladins NGC

Plurality, Member Origin, Headspace, System Origin

ID: 610, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Fri April 16 2021