Small God

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This term can mean one of two things:
1) a synonym for the term godlet
2) A divine, spiritual, or deity-/god-adjacent headmate who might not have a spiritual or worshipped/venerated/worked with role in their system & may not traditionally be considered a god or deity in the myth, folklore, or fiction they come from, but nevertheless identifies with or near to the term, due to a shared nature or origin, exoject-wise or simply in their system/how they formed/introjected/reached the system or were reached by it, and specifically might identify as a lesser deity, “small god” or deity-adjacent headmate. Can be used for mythological nymphs or nature spirits, decidedly spiritual/religious beings who are not worshipped or worked with (either intrasys or in the tradition or fiction they come from), or anyone who feels the term would be helpful for them. Term comes from Terry Pratchett’s concept of “small gods” in Discworld.


Coined by Išena Šimigiwe [Mercurial Gates] NGC Collective

Spiritual/Religious, Plurality, Member Type

ID: 557, category: Plurality (ID: 1)

Created: Mon April 12 2021