Aliases: Sarafienn, SarafiƩnn, Sarafiƫ System


The Sarafienn System is a system of genders, within the Caelum Metasystem, aligned to concepts of worlds and realms in an abstract sense, whether they are planets or regions of planets in meatspace, or mythological or fictional worlds, realities or planes of existence, as well as extensions of the concept to be worlds or realms embodying mythological figures or fictional characters. The concept can also be extended to include smaller realms, places, and regions from mythology and fiction, including expanded to be their own planes. There are innumerable SarafiƩnn alignments, which include but are not limited to Terrestrianine, Aquaticine, Aerialine, Heavenine, Helline, Underworldine, Asgardrine, Vanaheimrine, Feywildine, Shadowfelline, Femmespec, Alfheimrine, Midgardrine, Ljosalfheimrine, Fayewildine, Jotunheimrine, Nidavellirine, Niflheimrine, Muspellheimrine, Helheimrine, Ardaine, Valinorine, Azerothine, Teyvatine, Toriline, and Nirnine. People who are any of these genders may be called Sarafiƫnn people, SarafiƩnns, or Sarafiƫs.


Coined by Caelan Cassiopeia Cloud

Sarafiƫ System, Caelum Metasystem, Xenogenders

ID: 1723, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Wed December 28 2022