Undergender is a gamegender and xenogender for people whose gender feels strongly connected to the game, Undertale (including fan created works and AUs). This gender may or may not be a kingender depending on who is using it. Undertale does not gender the protagonist at any point during the story, and this invokes feelings of comfort, safety, or gender euphoria for a lot of people.

This term may be used by anybody who finds it useful, but was coined with a few specific groups in mind, including:

-Neurodivergent people with a hyperfixation/special interest in Undertale
-Undertale fictives
-Undertale fictionkin

Undergender people may have any alignment, but due to the themes of the game, this gender may feel strongly linked to xeninity or monstrous qualities. Undergender can be a gender in itself, or it can be an umbrella term for more specific Undertale related genders, such as, genderhope, genderdream, or character genders.


Coined by shriimpsoda & comradesimba


ID: 1686, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Sat November 12 2022