Aliases: Snowropodgender


Snowropodal is a snowdrakonic gender term part of the Drakonitalien gender umbrella connected to the primordial element of snow, and mighty yet kind-hearted dragons/other mythical beasts and/or megafauna having or aspected to this element. It is awe-inspiring and compassionate, a gentle giant of the lands of winter, seeking not to harm others (genders or their bearers) who adventure through the frozen wastes. It may express itself as a yulent├şdtalien gender, connected to the season of Yule, and it is, above all else, connected to the breathtaking - sometimes literally - majesty of winter.


Coined by A2-K-Afrodaïs/Femmeboy

Genders, Drakonitalien/DKTLIN, Talien System, Xenogenders

ID: 1617, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Thu June 16 2022