Astrolatalien is an umbrella/gender term related to astrology, astronomy, the night sky, and anything in space, but not necessarily space itself. It and its related genders can be described with any of the following: A connection to the planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, minor planets, or any astronomical objects; A feeling like one’s gender is dictated by, or simply defined by, the stars and planets; Some kind of strong connection with gender; An endlessly explorable and truly limitless gender that - even in thirteen billion years - only a tiny percentage of it could ever be known; A feeling of cosmic beauty, glory, and/or transcendentality coming from one’s gender, that is timeless and ancient beyond measure; A sense that one’s gender is full of undiscovered wonder, and though it may be spread out, there is always - ALWAYS - something more to find. It is part of the Talien System.


Coined by A2-K-Corva Angelika (Ardaman Terilee (Sparkles of Tirel Polyplex) Instance 2, Fellowship of Kwythellar, Corva Angelika) Gender blorbos

Genders, Astrolatalien/ASTLIN, Talien System, Xenogenders

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Created: Thu June 16 2022