Aliases: Lanatalilyn, Golochtalien, Golochtalilyn


Lanatalien or Golochtalien is an umbrella term and gender centered around the wildderness, natural beauty, animal-people (including both furries/anthropomorphic animals, talking animals, and kemonomimi), neodruidic aesthetics, and perhaps harmony, clarity, and/or serenity of mind. It and its related genders can be described with one or more of the following: Connection with the natural world and its inhabitants (not just animals), animal and plant life, naturalistic spirituality (if it fits for the person), mindfulness meditation, and/or alterhumanity; A comforting, serene, or harmonious feeling; Some kind of strong connection with gender that can mean hypergenderedness, a feeling of inner radiance and grace, or just a strong connection; An endlessly explorable and/or studyable gender; A feeling of uniqueness in one’s gender; A sense that one’s gender is defined by natural phenomena, and can ever reveal and discover itself. It is part of the Talien System.


Coined by A2-K-Corva Angelika (Ardaman Terilee (Sparkles of Tirel Polyplex) Instance 2, Fellowship of Kwythellar, Corva Angelika)

Genders, Talien System, Lanatalien/LATLIN, Xenogenders

ID: 1605, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Thu June 16 2022