Aliases: Narikzadân, Narikzadan


Nariktalien or Narikzadân is an umbrella/gender term related to the aesthetics of fantasy Dwarves, Minecraft aesthetics and gameplay, engineering, artisanship, and related concepts/aesthetics. It and its related genders can be described with any of the following: A connection with underground homes/halls/delvings, stone-carven architecture, mines, caverns, mountains, valleys, and magic (often magitech); A warm feeling that may be cozy or even claustrophobic; Some kind of strong connection with gender that can mean hypergenderedness, a feeling of wonder and attachment regarding one’s gender, a feeling of inner radiance and grace connected to one;s gender, or just in general a strong connection; A deep-reaching, expansive, and labyrinthian experience of gender; A feeling of strength and/or fantasticalness in one’s gender; A sense that one’s gender is strongly defined, but so intricate it may never be fully explored and described. It is part of the Talien System.


Coined by A2-K-Corva Angelika (Ardaman Terilee (Sparkles of Tirel Polyplex) Instance 2, Fellowship of Kwythellar, Corva Angelika) Gender blorbos

Genders, Nariktalien/NKTLIN, Talien System, Xenogenders

ID: 1602, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Thu June 16 2022