Aliases: Beltanatídtalien


Beltanatídal is an umbrella/gender term, part of the Wheel Subsystem related to the season of Beltane and the beginning of summer. It and its related genders can be described with any of the following: A connection to potent inner radiance, a strongly felt and powerful identity, or to flowers, flower crowns, nocturnal bonfires, dancing, and the fullness of life in all its power and flourishingness; A feeling like one’s gender is experiencing itself/being experienced at its fullness, blanketing one’s inner psyche with genderedness as it flourishes under freedom and inner acceptance of one’s self; Some kind of strong connection with gender; A celebration of the full potential of self-actualized identity, of the self and others; A feeling of gendered connection to the season of summer, or the aesthetic of the season; A sense that one’s gender is incredibly full of life, and flourishing so much it overflows with vibrancy. It is part of the Talien System.


Coined by A2-K-Afrodaïs/Femmeboy/Snowropodal (Sparklessys)

Genders, Beltanatídal/BWTLIN, Wheel of Talienity Subsystem, Talien System, Xenogenders

ID: 1584, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Thu June 16 2022