Transwealldalië is a sub-term, itself an umbrella term as well as a gender, within the Westreldalië/WFAYEINgender umbrella, itself part of the FAYEINgender/fayedalië umbrella, which is itself part of fairytalien and the FAINgender umbrella. It is defined by a connection to the region of Beyond the Wall in Westeros, as part of the Fayewild or the Land of Faërie that is Westeros. The gender may be associated with natural beauty, the power of the wilderness, the taiga/boreal forest, long-lasting or eternal winter, animals such as deer, eagles, elk, hares, rabbits, rams, wildcats, bears, and wolves (both as natural animals and anthropomorphic Faye animals), wildflowers, trees, and various characteristics of other fayedalië and fayewildalië genders as well as characteristics of Westreldalië as a gender as a whole.


Coined by Arya of Alateä (O-Peony’s Sparkles of Tirel, Sparklessys)

Genders, Westreldalië/WFAYEIN, Fairytalien/FAIN, Fayedalië/FAYEIN, Xenogenders

ID: 1566, category: Xenogenders (ID: 3)

Created: Tue May 17 2022