Aliases: Gender-space, Gender Space


A gender-space is a space similar to cosmien gender realms, and cosmien-adjacent/-aligned, but distinguished by being more figurative and subtly expressive rather than fully literally being worlds that are genders. They can be a varying level of complexity, ranging from simple gender spaces that are just landscapes, to ones as complex and vast as cosmien realms wherein genderhearts have full, vibrant existences as distinct people in the space. Some or all objects, things, places, people, and concepts in genderspaces may directly embody genders, having metaphorical existence as well as literal, and all of these genders within a genderspace are experienced, to some degree, by the person who has the genderspace. Example types of genderspaces include landscapegenders, gender ecosystems, and gender civilizations


Coined by Summer Angelika with passive influence from Nenuial Elsíra (both Sparklessys)

Genders, Xenogenders

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Created: Tue May 17 2022