Kenochoric is an umbrella term centered around the idea of kenopsia. While kenochoric is an umbrella term, it can be used as a gender on its own. Kenochoric and it’s related genders can be described with one, some, or all of the following: A connection to things like liminal spaces, voids, darkness, vast concepts (ocean, space, etc.), distortion, or similar; A lonely, empty, eerie, or melancholy feelin; Some kind of disconnect from gender. This can mean genderlessness, an empty or absent feeling, gender apathy, a distortion of one’s gender, or just a general disconnect; An unstable, hard to define, hard to name, or generally “unstable” relationship with gender; A strange, nostalgic, foggy, wistful, etc. feeling; A sense that one’s gender is not human, or that it is unable to be defined with human definitions (or any definitions).


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Created: Tue May 17 2022