Aliases: -saras


A derivational affix for forming femme in nature/LAINgender terms from other gendered terms, preserving all meaning but making them femme in nature/LAINgender as well as any other genders they already are in nature. Terms formed this way might include boysharas, girlsharas, neutroissharas, sharashoarder, gendermountsharas, or nivalissaras (based on boy, girl, neutrois, genderhoarder, gendermount, and gendernivalis respectively). Etymology is from the Hittite derivational affix 𒀸𒊭𒊏𒀸 (-aš-ša-ra-aš /-ššaraš/), which forms feminine nouns from common stems.


Coined by Summer Angelika (Sparklessys)

Genders, Femme in Nature/LAIN, LGBTQ+

ID: 1494, category: LGBTQ+ (ID: 2)

Created: Tue May 17 2022