A gender alignment, often an aesthetigender-related alignment, aligned with tomboygender as a term, or presentation of a “tomboy”, in appearance, personality, otherwise, or any mixture of characteristics and traits, in the Raiment (soul/mental/idealized) presentation-based gender terminology system. This term exists independent of any binary gender, binary alignment, or adjacent gender or alignment, and freely combines without contradiction with any and all genders and alignments. From a permutation of “gwegweth”, a Gnomish (an early Tolkienian Elvish language) term for “manhood (state), the male sex”.


Coined by Summer Angelika (Sparklessys)

Tomboygender in Nature/TBIN, Genders, Raiment System, LGBTQ+

ID: 1487, category: LGBTQ+ (ID: 2)

Created: Fri May 06 2022