Aliases: Pangendertáralasa, Pangendertáralassa


A gender defined as being infinitely many, limitlessly many, or all. genders (within one’s culture and life experiences) in a way where all genders one experiences, while they may not be stated as such in general, are experienced inflected as, a subset of, an embodiment of, or inherently linked towards being, high femme as a(n often aestheti)gender/tárafemme/táralasa. Etymology is from Quenya tára meaning “high, lofty, tall”, and the Etruscan word lasa meaning bride or nymph (mythological creature).


Coined by Asherah Niquelia (AKA Sparklessys)

Genders, Raiment System, Femme in Nature/LAIN, High Femme in Nature/HFIN, LGBTQ+

ID: 1454, category: LGBTQ+ (ID: 2)

Created: Fri May 06 2022