Aliases: Envirofluid, Occagender, Occafluid, Fluidsum, Sumconic


A subset of Genderfluid connected to someone’s current mindset. This could be affected by someone’s emotions, Emotugender, environment, Aerogender, their friends, Amicagender, the lighting, Mothgender in a current setting, etc. It can also be a combination of genders with this quality, such as Emotugender, Amicagender, Mothgender, Aerogender, and others similar. You may feel masculine when around male friends, feel feminine under pink lighting, feel completely empty, Gendervoid when in a dark room, or not care about it at all, Omnicgender when filled with blank emotions.

Occa- and -sum, comes from the Latin word for “setting” (Occasum), when you set your thoughts, emotions, environment, lighting, and more, in turn affecting you gender.


Coined by Ari-Chan of The Club of Theatrics

Genderfluid, Aesthetigenders, Non-binary, Genders, LGBTQ+, Xenogenders

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Created: Wed January 12 2022