A term for a relationship that is primarily flushed/matespritic/generally-defined-as-romantic and secondarily ember/emberic. This relationship type is defined by mutual affection, romantic gestures (however that is defined by the people in question), rivalry, and a desire to improve one’s own self and help the other work to improve themself as well, providing a key drive in the form of the passionate, romantic, and loving rivalry between the two partners. The relationship may be accompanied by a unique yolennic attraction, or simply a combination of romantic and emberic attraction, and partners in a relationship of this mode may be called yolennas.


Coined by Nymeria Nymeros Martell of the Legendarium

Ember/Embership, Relationships, Quadrant System, Flushed/Matespritship, LGBTQ+

ID: 1342, category: LGBTQ+ (ID: 2)

Created: Sat November 20 2021