Aliases: Aelynship, Aelenhood, Aelynhood, Paleflushed Relationship


A term for a relationship that is primarily pale/moirallegic and secondarily flushed/matespritic/generally-defined-as-romantic. This relationship type is generally nonsexual in nature, and defined by mutual emotional support and vulnerability and limited/small-scale romantic gestures and acts. These relationships may have a mix of platonic, romantic, and in-between affection which may resemble or not resemble any mix of moirail and romantic stereotypical feelings and affection. The relationship may often, but not always be accompanied by a unique aelenric attraction, or othertimes may be a mixture of other forms of attraction such as moirallegic, platonic, and romantic, and partners in a relationship of this mode may be called aelends.


Coined by Freya-Anne Arcania of the Legendarium

Pale/Moirallegiance, Quadrant System, Flushed/Matespritship, LGBTQ+

ID: 1182, category: LGBTQ+ (ID: 2)

Created: Wed November 10 2021